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We’d like to be. But the cost of going onto FM in Filey, Bridlington, Scarborough and Whitby is astronomical. The same goes for DAB! It’s very expensive to run a radio station on these platforms. However, the world is changing, and digital online listening is growing bigger and bigger. With computers, tablets, smartphones, modern cars and smart speakers all being internet connected in some way, being a online only station puts is a great place for you to be able to listen in as many places, if not more… than traditional broadcasting methods.

Uh oh! Call the technicians, there’s a gremlin in the system! In all seriousness, it’s to do with the clever ads system our streaming providers use. We’re on the Live365 platform. They’re a great bunch of people over the pond in the USA. They’re now over here in the UK and they’ve done a cracking deal with PPL & PRS that lets us reduce our licensing cost and be nice and legal. We use their intelligent advert system that detects where you are. So if you’re in Birmingham, you may hear a Birmingham tailored advert, or if you’re by the coast, enjoying your holiday with great views of the Yorkshire coast, you might get one for Scarborough or Bridlington. However, on a rare occasion, sometimes the “magic command” that should play some nice UK and local adverts defaults to the Amercian “filler” adverts. Let us know and we’ll ask the folks at Live365 to take a look for us!

Because of deal with Live365 (see above question), they provide our advert breaks and tell us how many adverts we need to play. Which means we are unable to sell advertising in the “traditional” radio way. However, we’ve got a much better, and more cost effective way to get your business on air!

We offer sponsorship within Holiday Radio. Whether that be a show sponsorship, feature sponsorship or weather sponsorship, it’s an easy way to get your business on air with us, for much less than you think! Once you take a sponsorship package from us, for the length of the agreed term, it’ll be your business heard every time that feature happens. For example, if the Dog & Duck Pub (a fictional pub we’ve just invented…it sounds quite nice!) took the Evening show sponsorship, every weekday evening from 6pm till 10pm, at least twice times an hour the listener will hear something like

“Holiday Radio Evenings, with the Dog & Duck in Filey. For great ales and great meals, visit them today on Main Road Filey, or call them on 01723 123 456”. 

It’s as easy as that. There’s a one time cost of asking a lovely voiceover person to record your business’s message then a cost for a “term” on air and you’re good to go. All money from sponsorship goes back into helping the cost of running a radio station…it’s not cheap to do!




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